Mercury Saturn Aspects: Mastering Your Thoughts

Mercury Saturn conjunct square opposition

Mercury conjunct square opposition Saturn: Necessary Control of Thoughts

Saturn in hard aspect with your inner planet almost always represents a major growth theme in your life. Whereas a soft aspect from Saturn may suggest a sense of assumed reality (“this is the way things are, they always have been”), a hard aspect can feel like an ultimatum to ‘grow or suffer.’

If Saturn conjoins, squares or opposes Mercury in your natal chart, a major challenge – and thus, an opportunity – in your life includes mastering the process of formulating and expressing your thoughts.

Mastery implies acquiring necessary control – for those with natal Mercury-Saturn aspects, there are several important areas where this kind of control and mastery is essential:


1) Controlling Depressive Tendencies

Mercury conjunct, square or opposite Saturn frequently suggests a serious turn of mind and, if mixed with stressful or traumatic early home circumstance, it could even escalate into a tendency for a chronically depressed outlook.

To save the mind from being crushed by the weight of harsh reality, it may be necessary to pay attention to your thoughts when they are being overly (dare we say, unrealistically) negative or despairing. You may even need to resort to listing all of your assets starting from your health, if only to prove things are never as bad as it seems.


2) Gaining a Deep Understanding of Your Chosen Field

In some cases (Albert Einstein comes to mind), Mercury Saturn individuals are somehow thought to be “slow” or not as bright as others when they are young. This may just be an indication of a deep thinker that needs to understand things more thoroughly.

Instead of feeling handicapped intellectually, you might need to buckle down and really work on understanding your chosen subject. Then, you might be able to express your understanding with a level of skill and mastery that may surprise others, regardless of your chosen field of work: writing, sports, acting or business.


3) Realizing & Giving Substance to Your Ideas

Whether it’s creating a piece of orchestral music, a 1500 page trilogy or an engineering masterpiece, Mercury-Saturn people have the potential to excel at handling complex ideas and giving them substance.

Giving form to your ideas might feel threatening at first, especially if you’re afraid of failure or criticism. By doing so, however, you also gain the precious opportunity to test, improve and ultimately perfect your ideas in the real world.



Summary: Mercury Saturn Aspects and Necessary Control of Thoughts

Whether your goal in life is to form supportive relationships or to create a successful business, Saturn represents necessary controls that you must acquire in order to realize your aims and ambition.

Like all Saturn aspects, Mercury Saturn conjunction, square or opposition suggests strong potential for growth and achievement – in this case, through the development of your ideas, perception and intellectual expression.


Do you have a natal Mercury Saturn aspect? How do you experience it in your life? Feel free to share your experience and insights in the comment section.




Photo: Magnus Johansson

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