12th House: Winning the Internal Game

12th House12th House and the Patterns of Self-Undoing

12th house is called the house of self-undoing and hidden enemies. While having planets in the 12th house doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a victim of conspiracy, it may suggest the existence of unconscious, self-limiting patterns that hold you back.

Let’s say you’re playing a round of golf. You’ve practiced a lot and have the skills necessary to win – yet, while you’re in the lead, you suddenly find yourself inexplicably missing an easy shot. It takes several shots before you regain your composure, and by then you’ve fallen behind the others. What caused it?

You might have experienced a similar scenario in relationships (where you seem to create arguments or drama when everything is going well), creative projects (you don’t complete a project that is 80% finished), and/or weight-loss regimen (you lose some weight, and then go right back to where you started).

In all of these cases, the problem might not have anything to do with your skills or knowledge. You probably have the knowledge or information (3rd house) about how to play a good game of golf, how to treat your partner in a way that creates a positive emotional bond, how to write/paint/compose, or how to lose weight and keep it off.

Yet in spite of all the knowledge you have, something else is getting in your way of fulfilling your goals. There is a “hidden enemy,” the cause of self-undoing. Such feelings may be especially strong if your inner planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) is in the 12th house.


Planets in the 12th House: Examining Your Parents’ Limiting Beliefs

Planets in (or ruling) the 12th house may be suppressed due to self-limiting patterns that you’ve unconsciously absorbed from your parents. 12th house is the derivative 3rd house (communication, mindset) of the 10th (the father), and the derivative 9th house (beliefs, worldview) of the 4th (the mother).

As a child you might have accepted your parents’ beliefs about you and the world without question. You might have believed that women (or you) didn’t deserve education, or you were not worthy enough, or your feelings didn’t matter. Beliefs like that can stay in your unconscious and act as your “hidden enemy” by preventing you from fulfilling your goals.

Mars in 12th house may suggest an unconscious taboo against expressing anger. Venus in the 12th might point to limiting beliefs about relationships. Consider what your parents believed about (and how they expressed) the issues related to Mars (self-assertion and expression of anger) or Venus (how men and women relate).   Example: If a daughter grows up with a depressed mother who perceived herself as a victim of the marriage, think what kind of unconscious beliefs are being passed on about relationships in general.

You can conduct similar examinations for other inner planets and related beliefs: Sun in the 12th house may point out beliefs that limit your pride and pleasure in expressing yourself. Moon here may suggest unconscious beliefs that prevent you from honoring your needs and emotions. Mercury in the 12th might suggest unconscious patterns that compromise your ability to communicate effectively.


Overcoming the 12th House Crisis: Preparing the Way for the 1st House

When Saturn or other heavy planets activate the 12th house planets through transit or Solar Arc, you may reach a crisis point regarding the issues related to the affected planet (and perhaps the house it rules.) You may be forced to deal with the unhealthy patterns you’ve been carrying, or else risk a loss of some kind (job, relationship, or health.)

Some people hit bottom during such times of crisis, and realize they cannot keep holding onto the old patterns anymore. Such realization could mark a major turning point, after which you’re no longer the same person you were before.

A jazz legend Bill Evans once said, “Recognizing the problem is 90% of solving it.” We could paraphrase and say “Recognizing the unconscious, self-limiting patterns in your life is 90% of overcoming them.”

Once you win the internal game of the 12th house by letting go of the limiting patterns from your past, you become free to utilize all of your skills and knowledge in the external world. This in turn helps you to create a winning, stronger, and more successful self-image, which becomes your new 1st house.


Photo: Timur Samkharadze

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