Ascendant = 1st House / 12th house

1st House: We develop our ego in order to have a stable reference point. We fortify it through various props (work, status, relationships, etc) and character development. This is all good and necessary, but we need to know that ego is basically a fiction (a persona, or a mask) that is shaped by all of the accumulated experience of your past.

12th House: The previously defined personality doesn’t work anymore. Something occurs that might perhaps feel like a failure to the ego, making it realize its limitation. In the best case, you forget about yourself for a bit, because of the total shock or newness or awesomeness of the experience. You expand, connect to the universe through nature, art, spirit…You begin to awaken to the oneness that you’re a part of.

Ascendant – the point of reference, the point of stability – reside between these two Houses. If you’re trying to find stability through your personality alone (i.e too far into the 1st House), you will experience the limitation through some 12th house experience. If you’re too far into the 12th house, you may not know who you are, and begin to lose the boundary and focus necessary for stability.

Most of us are stuck in the 1st house, in the narrowly defined personality, and that is why 12th house practices such as meditation (or simply taking a walk in nature with an open heart) can gently expand your awareness, bringing you back in balance.

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  1. Hi Mr. Niizato,

    I have a question. You see your article was really informative in explaining how the 1st house (mask) is like a cage and how the 12th house represents union. While the Ascendent works as a midway point, but what happens if you have the same sign in both houses? I have a 23 degree Scorpio as a Ascendent and a 8 degree Scorpio in the 12th. So how is there a balance there? I know the degrees represent something, but since the signs are the same; isn’t the effect the same?
    (Did that make sense… o o)

    Have a nice day & thank you!

    • It may be helpful to think of 12th house as having to let go of the old personality, and 1st house as strengthening the emerging new ego. In your case, both houses are ruled by the same planet (Pluto), which suggests that you may go through both house challenges at the same time when Pluto is being triggered by transit or Solar Arc (which makes sense, since you can’t acquire a new sense of self without letting go of your old beliefs and patterns.) This is all very much suited to Scorpio symbolism, by the way – you may want to check out another post on Scorpio rising elsewhere in this blog.

  2. Hello =D What could you tell me about a libra risig conjuct to venus and lilith in 12th house in 23 degrees. The first house is occupied by 7 degrees os libra and 23 degrees of scorpio, also pluto is in scorpio in the first house. I feel very confused, i am kind person and everybody likes me, i have this justice and art interests, but i am drowned in scorpio interest, like everything about occult, darkness, tabus, hidden stuff and i also have since ever the desire to look like a scorpio even before knowing about astrology, the power and magnetism. Can i be a mix of libra and scorpio rising? I have also sextile of pluto with sun and moon, and trine to midheaven in cancer and other aspects with pluto. Sometimes i feel terrible fake, cuz i am kind and nice with everyone even if irritating, since pluto in scorpio my life changed a lot, and i change very much, i am serching for streng to not care about opinions and social norms anymore , so i can be myself without influences. Thank you very much for the post . ( ps: english is not my native languege, dont bother about bad grammar please)

  3. I wrote ” since pluto in scorpio” i was wanting to say : since saturn in scorpio XD Yeah, my life turned upset down, like from slavry to freedom.

    • Hello Thais, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. Venus conjunct Ascendant is a powerful measurement socially, and it magnifies the social orientation of Libra rising. It sounds like you understand the depth and passion of Pluto in 1st house from personal experience.

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