Professional Astrological Consultation with Hiroki Niizato

professional astrology consultation

100% Professional & Confidential Astrology Consultation

Focus on important concerns with absolute guarantee of privacy.  Your birth data and personal information will remain confidential and never be shared with anyone else.

Option for a phone, skype, and even a written session is available (see pricing below.)


What Others Say after They Experience the Consultation

“I have studied astrology for many years and analyzed my own chart often, but it is a difficult, if not impossible task to see oneself clearly. Hiroki’s astrological reading gave me tremendous awareness, healing and inspiration…Hiroki’s approach to astrology is an art expressed with refreshing originality, sensitivity, and gentle precision. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking astrological counseling”

-M.H. Clearwater, FL    (Read all client testimonials)

“I was a little apprehensive about working with a professional astrologer, but as soon as Hiroki started the session, I felt at ease.   He took great care in asking questions to ensure that his measurements were accurate and the consultation was on the correct path.   I was amazed to hear that from my birth information, Hiroki was able to accurately describe my upbringing, and parents as well as my potential future.   Through his measurements, he additionally saw that I was on the verge of something life changing happening, something positive.   I reached out to him because I had been feeling like something was about to change but did not know what it was.   It’s been more than a month since the reading and while Hiroki did not tell me exactly what would happen, he predicted that one of two major events would occur and one really major one has.   I finally decided to leave my current employer and start my own business, which I would not have felt comfortable doing had Hiroki not seen this as a strong and successful option for me in my chart.   I am relieved and amazed and would not hesitate to work with Hiroki again. ”

– C.H. Lutz, FL (Read all client testimonials)

“This is the first time I’ve had a professional reading of my natal chart and found it a very liberating and enlightening experience. I thought I had a very strong sense of who I am, but the session really did highlight aspects of myself that need development, which I previously didn’t think were a problem. You are amazingly intuitive and very focussed on the issues that are hampering my progress, and what actions I need to undertake in order to move forward in the right direction of my full potential and self-actualisation. I appreciate that you have summarised what my strengths and abilities are in my chart. It’s very masterful the way you keep your message very simple and targeted…even though there’s a lot of hard work ahead, I feel more sure and excited about the path that’s unfolding.”

-R.F. Adelaide, Australia  (Read all client testimonials)

“As a seasoned astrologer myself, I’ve looked at my chart a thousand times; but you gave me a different perspective on the problem areas. You did this with great insight, sensitivity, and clarity. I came away with some of your words ringing in my head about the work that needs to be done . . . you have given me clear ways to develop, and a plan of how to move ahead to avoid further health problems. There were three or four things you said which will stay with me for a very long time.

I think you are a very wise man.

Thank you for the privilege of our time together. I will keep in touch.”

-P.G. United Kingdom  (Read all client testimonials)



Major Areas Covered in an Astrological Consultation

1) Your Work & Career: Identify your best vocation.  Set meaningful career goals using astrology.

2) Your Needs, Strengths & Talents: Learn deeply about what makes you tick & how you can be fulfilled.

3) Your Relationships: Increase your confidence, self-awareness and compassion in relating with your partner, boss, spouse or family members.

4) Current & Future Forecast: Understand what’s happening right now.  Use the professional astrological forecast to plan your goals for the next 6-12 months.

Who Would Benefit From the Consultation?

You will benefit from the consultation if any of the following applies:

• You’re curious about yourself, and seek deeper insights into your needs, strengths and challenges

• You feel a sense of purpose in life, and want to clarify it further

• You are seeking deeper career satisfaction (including finding the right vocation)

• You want to become more effective in professional and intimate relationships

• You are going through a time of major change, and want to gain a larger perspective

• You are facing significant decisions in the near future, and want to maximize the chance of successful outcome

Who the Consultation Isn’t For

The consultation may not be for you if any of the following applies:

• You’re looking for an astrology lesson instead of a discussion about your life:  If you want to learn more about astrology, please check out the blog.  We will not be using any astrological jargon during the consultation.  You’re welcome to ask a question or two about some measurements that you know and are concerned about, but the focus will be on you and your life, rather than astrological techniques.

• You’re passive and unwilling to take actions on your behalf: astrology shows the conditions of life, of what can be – it requires that you’re at the center stage of your life taking positive actions, not sitting on the sideline waiting to see what happens.

• You have unrealistic expectations: Going to see an astrologer does not guarantee that you’ll end up with a career breakthrough or a meeting with a soul mate in the near future – the realistic time frame of projection is 1 – 2 years, in which period many changes can be implemented in order to ensure satisfying relationship & career developments.

What Happens in the Consultation

The rich, meaningful discussion based on your natal chart will take about 60-90 minutes.  The consultation can be done face-to-face via Skype (the most popular option), over the phone, or even as a written session (see below for pricing).

The session can be about a specific concern, or a general discussion covering important life areas.  We will almost always discuss your unique needs, talents, strengths and challenges within the context of your work and relationships.

During the session we’ll review important past events as well as forecast potential future development as suggested by astrology.  However, most of our attention will be given to the present concerns, as you have the power to dramatically alter your future through the present.

The consultation will be done in plain English (i.e. no astrological jargon used).  After the session you can ask to receive its recording as a mp3 audio file (for Phone or Skype session).


The consultation fee is payable via credit card or paypal.  Upon request, a copy of your birth chart and a complimentary MP3 recording of the session can be emailed afterwards.

60-Minute Phone or Skype Session (Standard Session): $150

The standard 60 minute session covers important themes in your birth chart related to your needs, talents, work, relationship and future directions.  The session will primarily focus on the current issues that are most important to you.

90-Minute Phone or Skype Session (Additional Topics): $225

In a 90 minute session, in addition to the Standard Session, one of the following topics are included:

  • Relationship analysis using another person’s horoscope
  • Relocation Analysis
  • Your child’s horoscope

Written Session (Equivalent to 60-Minute Session): $300

This is a special service provided when, for one reason or another, you prefer to have the session in a written format instead of speaking in real time.  The content of the discussion will be exactly the same as that of the 60-Minute session, communicated over the course of 3 – 5 emails.

Written Session (Equivalent to 90-Minute Session): $450

Written session with one additional service included (see 90 Minute Session above).  The content of the discussion will be exactly the same as that of the 90-Minute session, communicated over the course of 4 – 6 emails.



Contact Hiroki by email: or phone: 727-470-4056