Saturn in Astrology: Effort and Discipline within Maturation Process

Blue Lake

Within the process of life development, Saturn’s passage prompts the idealistic, fiery spirit of youth to descend into the watery realm of feelings (where heavier emotions such as grief and compassion are felt), or into the earthly realm of duty and responsibility. We all feel the weight of maturation process as we age, regardless of […]

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Outer Planet Transits and What They Mean to You

contemplating eternity under massive sky

Uranus-Pluto Transiting Square 2011-2016 In Spring of 2011, Uranus and Pluto came within orb of transiting square in the beginning of Cardinal signs, and they will continue to move in lockstep, squaring each other until 2016.  Collectively, this reflects massive potential for change and upheaval – some of which we’ve already seen in the Middle […]

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The Answer to “When Will I Meet Someone?”

When Will I Meet Someone?

Often it happens that a person who is desperately looking for a relationship thinks that finding a partner will solve his/her problems (“If only I had a good relationship like so and so, I’ll be happy.”)  In terms of 12 houses, the person is looking at his/her 7th house as the problem area. Upon closer […]

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Mars and Anger: Keys for Horoscope Analysis

Mars and Anger

In astrology, Mars represents how we need to pursue what we want in order to be effective.  Ideally, your Mars needs to be spending most of its time in a state of focused action (the Hunter mode) to bring you closer to your goals.  In reality, it’s likely that you also experience Mars as frustration […]

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Cancer-Capricorn Axis: Contrasting Approaches toward Self-Parenting

Cancer-Capricorn Axis in Astrology

Opposing signs in astrology represent contrasting approaches toward a common goal.  The pair of Cancer and Capricorn share a theme of (self) parenting.  Just like their rulers Moon and Saturn, each of them approaches the matter from a completely different standpoint. The concept of self-parenting is most often seen in “inner child” therapy literature.  Put […]

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Water Element in Astrology: Tips & Observations

Water Element in Astrology

Water element represents our capacity to feel.  Following the discussions on Fire, Earth and Air elements, I’ll share some tips and observations for working with the water element in your natal chart.  As before, note which houses in your horoscope have their cusps occupied by the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.)  If you have planets […]

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Air Element in Astrology: Tips & Observations

Air Element: Tips & Observations

Following the discussions on Fire and Earth elements, I’ll share some tips and observations for working with the air element in your horoscope. Identifying the Air Energy in Your Birth Chart Note which house cusps in your horoscope are occupied by the air signs: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.  If you have planets in one of […]

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Earth Element in Astrology: Tips & Observations

Earth Element - Harvest

Following the discussion on the Fire element in astrology,  I’ll share a few tips & observations for working with the earth element in your horoscope. Identifying the Earth Energy in Your Natal Chart In your horoscope, take a mental note of houses whose cusps are on the earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.  If you […]

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Fire Element in Astrology: Tips & Observations

Candle Light

In order for us to be fulfilled, all 4 elements (fire, earth, air & water) within our natal chart need to be functioning in a positive way.  In this post I’ll share a few tips and observations for managing the fire energy in your horoscope. Identifying the Fire Energy within Your Natal Chart Everyone has […]

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