Ascendant, 1st House and the Crisis of Identity


1st house, representing “identity,” is the focal point of the 4 Angular (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) houses.  Poorly defined identity makes one feel awkward in social settings, and can limit career achievement because ambition cannot form on a weak ego.  If you do not have a secure identity, it may feel as if you aren’t […]

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Planets and Positive Emotions

Positive Emotions

When functioning normally, each planet in your horoscope helps to generate a certain set of positive emotions.  Here is a simple table to show you some of the positive emotions associated with each planet. Planet Positive Emotions Generated By the Planet Sun Pride, Self expression Moon Satisfaction of Core Emotional Needs (sign-dependent) Mercury Curiosity Venus […]

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Pluto and Perspective: The Moment of Transformation


One of the keywords for Pluto is perspective.  Often, the most significant moment in our life comes from a small shift in perspective.  It could be a very simple idea that changes everything (such as: you’re forgiven, or your mother really loved you.)  People pay a lot to go to workshops or therapists seeking just […]

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Neptune Aspects: Dissolving Archetypal Boundaries

Sea Wall

Neptune represents dissolution of boundaries, which can manifest in a thousand different ways.  Here we’ll explore the interpretation of natal or transiting Neptune aspects. Neptune – Sun aspect: Sun represents the sense of self, so a strong contact from Neptune threatens to melt down the boundaries of the ego.  In a best case this can […]

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Uranus in Astrology: Breaking Free from Old Patterns

Uranus in Astrology

Emphasized Uranus, either in natal chart or through transit & solar arc, seems to grant us the capacity to ignore rules and traditions that keep us stuck in a rut.  Uranus represents our ability to think outside of the box, as well as deviate from the unspoken code of conduct imposed on us by others […]

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Progressed Mars: Symptoms of Resistance

Progressed Mars

Interpreting Progressed or Solar Arc Mars Regardless of what system you use (I use Solar Arc), progressed Mars making a hard aspect to an important point in your horoscope will “heat it up” for a year or longer.  In general we think in terms of the following: Learning to stand up for one’s self: Someone […]

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Saturn in Astrology: Effort and Discipline within Maturation Process

Blue Lake

Within the process of life development, Saturn’s passage prompts the idealistic, fiery spirit of youth to descend into the watery realm of feelings (where heavier emotions such as grief and compassion are felt), or into the earthly realm of duty and responsibility. We all feel the weight of maturation process as we age, regardless of […]

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Outer Planet Transits and What They Mean to You

contemplating eternity under massive sky

Uranus-Pluto Transiting Square 2011-2016 In Spring of 2011, Uranus and Pluto came within orb of transiting square in the beginning of Cardinal signs, and they will continue to move in lockstep, squaring each other until 2016.  Collectively, this reflects massive potential for change and upheaval – some of which we’ve already seen in the Middle […]

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The Answer to “When Will I Meet Someone?”

When Will I Meet Someone?

Often it happens that a person who is desperately looking for a relationship thinks that finding a partner will solve his/her problems (“If only I had a good relationship like so and so, I’ll be happy.”)  In terms of 12 houses, the person is looking at his/her 7th house as the problem area. Upon closer […]

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