Pluto Says An Opposite of Depth is Nothingness

Pluto aspectsPluto is the symbols of depth, as befitting his title “god of the underworld.” Depth, as in deep knowledge, emotions and beliefs.

The opposite of depth is not height, but shallowness. Pluto is the symbol of extremes, and it can represent the height of ecstasy as well as the depth of despair. Its opposite is simply nothingness.

Nothingness, in the sense that “nothing happens.” No ecstasy or despair, no wild success or failure, no risk and no reward. Like a flat line in EKG that symbolizes death.

Pluto Aspects Demand Depth…Or Nothingness

Whatever Pluto touches in your horoscope will have this quality of “all or nothing” extreme.  Consider the following Pluto aspects:

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Venus (also, Pluto in 7th house) will assure that relationships will be accompanied by extreme emotions. So much is expected in terms of intimacy – there needs to be absolute honesty and depth of sharing. It’s either that, or ‘nothingness’ of shallow relationships which are unsatisfying.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Mars will necessitate intense burst of energy, a show of force. Action must be taken to fulfill desire. Energy must be exercised to the limit of one’s capacity. Otherwise, the energy might implode unto oneself in the form of weight gain or depression – a common yet tragic result from the decision to do nothing.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Mercury will demand Herculean exertion of the mind. Mind must acquire power to know, speak and influence to the n-th degree. Alternative is the shallow stream of daily conversations about nothing – which creates deep inner anxiety and frustration.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Sun will necessitate deeply authentic personal expression. Shallowness means denial of one’s deeply seated problems. Nothing happens until honest confrontation with oneself has been achieved.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Moon will similarly suggest the necessity for authentic emotional expression. As a child, one’s emotions might have been hijacked by a powerful adult (most likely the mother.) Emotional patterns inherited from parental figures might need to be examined and discarded if necessary.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Jupiter suggests depth of faith in oneself or a higher power that is needed in order to function well.

Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Saturn requires depth of commitment, effort and integrity that is required to succeed. A choice to avoid depth in these areas leads to underachievement.

A Hint About Depth

Usually a prominent Pluto placement suggests a trauma, a wound of some sort that needs to be healed. If there are no such personal issues to be solved, most likely there will be other issues that will take us deeper – like confronting the injustice that abound in the outside world. Either way, it’s heavy stuff.

With Pluto, the awareness of wounds or injustice already exists, at least subconsciously. So the choice to do nothing equals denial, which drains our power and deadens our emotions.

Wherever Pluto is found in the horoscope, we may need to bravely confront what is wrong within ourselves or our immediate environment. The alternative is stultifying, frustrating nothingness…

Are you a Plutonian? How do you deal with this need for depth, and an aversion to shallowness in the area touched by Pluto?

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  1. What if pluto is conjunct the rising? (pluto in twelth)

  2. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Ascendant represents identity, so depth (in the sense discussed above) must be explored in order for you to know yourself.

  3. Anonymous says:

    sun opposition pluto, mercury opposition pluto, pluto in 3rd house, mars square pluto, pluto sextile ascendant, moon and venus in 8th house – I can't stand shallowness so much it's hard for me to make smalltalk to even make a friend, and the friends I do make don't last long,trust issue, I know this all sounds absurd, I feel intense when feelings are triggered, apparently I look damned intimidating (scare people) and sound so too, ( I'm a girl)people tend to stay away even when I try hard to be light and friendly… I'd rather feel intense, than nothing, unless it's fear, than I'll take the nothing…

    • anonymous: I understand your plight. I also have sun opposition pluto (sun in the fourth, pluto in the 9th conj. the midheaven. I seem to scare people away with my intensity as well. I thrive on intensity and nothingness or status quo, flat lined existence makes me insane.

  4. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Yep, that's all Plutonian.

    Thank you,

    • jordan dennis says:

      I have Pluto in Scorpio conjunct P.O.F in the third house. Pluto is opposing my Taurus M.C,and squares my Leo Mars,Pisces Saturn, and Virgo Ascendant! When it comes to words and communication,i don’t just want someone to hear them,i want you to feel them.

  5. Hiroki, great post, loved it. Of course being a Plutonian + Scorpio to boot makes me smile and go yeah, know that thanks for confirming it. Depth is a keyword for me, can't seem to escape that even though my Neptunian side which is also strong wants to!

    What have I got? Sun/Neptune/Mer all conj in Scorpio, Moon sq Pluto, Pluto in 7th conj Desc/opp Asc, etc etc.

  6. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Thank you Lise, appreciate the corroboration!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Hiroki!

    Thanks for the article on Pluto. Since I have Pluto opposite the ascendant (which means Pluto conjunct descendant) at 26 degree, does this mean that in any relationship between me and my partner will have transformation effect on me? I had 2 relationship so far, and I must admit it was very intense. By the way, my seventh house is Scorpio cusp as well.

    And can you tell me what is the effect is Pluto make a square aspect to Midheaven? I found out I always have an issue with authority figure.

  8. Hiroki Niizato says:

    Pluto in contact with the Angles affect what kind of relationships and work you're attracted to.

    So in this case, qualities such as depth and intensity will be important.

    • Thanks for the stimulating article, Niizato-san. I am deeply curious about my Pluto conjunct Saturn on the fifth house cusp, and I notice that you didn’t include any discussion of Saturn. Any thoughts? Much appreciated!

      • Actually Pluto-Saturn contact is discussed in the article along with Pluto-Jupiter contact. I separated it for clarity, thanks. There is another related article that goes deeply into Pluto-Saturn so you may want to look at that one.

  9. This is the first thing I’ve read about Pluto that I could realistically identify with. I am definitely Plutonian. Pluto sextile sun, square asc/des, Venus , mercury & Saturn and sextile Neptune. All or nothing is truly the way these aspects seem to manifest for me. I’m an intense person but I only seem to have had trouble when I tried to be otherwise. There is really no way I know of to satisfy a need for depth other than accepting and honoring it.

  10. I have a Pluto- IC conjunction in Scorpio at 7 degrees and Pluto opposites to my Sun, Mercury and MC in Taurus too.
    My parents are too strict/dominant and I’ve had a rather depressing childhood. With transit Saturn is about to conjunct my IC I’m learning to forgive them. I can’t call it a huge trauma but it was absolutely a hard time for me. Pluto-Mercury opposition made me write diaries a lot (like freaking 10 volumes back in my teenage years.) Recently I threw away them though in order to let go of past formally. This has been my Plutonic transformation so far. Still continuing cause I’m still living with my parents…

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. These measurements suggest strong parental suppression – once you get over them (or get “away” from them, in your case) aspects like Pluto opposing Mercury can turn into persuasive communication.

  11. Very nice article and so true. Kudos!

  12. 12th house virgo says:

    I have Pluto in my first house. I late Virgo rising with Mars at 0, Pluto at 6, and Mercury at 11 Libra.

    I seem angry or upset to others so often, when really I am just passionate. That’s unfortunate, but, I can’t own other people’s sense of me. I just keep digging deeper into myself for answers. Pluto transiting my 4th house now has been rough, but has helped me see myself as the power in my life.

  13. Laurent Botti says:

    I put up everyday with a painful Mars/Uranus/Pluto conjunction in IV, opposed to Saturne R in X.
    Do you know a worst configuration to deal with? ;-)

  14. My Taurus Sun is in the 8th house, Pluto in Virgo is in the 10th house. Sun is square to Pluto. The other Scorpio related things are Jupiter in Scorpio {square to Pluto}, and Neptune in Scorpio { Neptune rising in the 1st house close to Ascendant.

    The rest of my Pluto aspects are easy aspects. I think all the Pluto I have is kind of hidden, because both my Taurus Sun and rising sign of Libra are both ruled by Venus. But people still look at me as if they can’t trust me ! LOL.

  15. HECATE SUN says:

    I manage an unaspected 0° capricorn (Hecate) sun in the 8th, with only a trine to Chiron in the 12th and a sextile to my 0° scorpion North Node in the 6th (conjunct Eros and Vertex); the latter is the resident house of my libran Pluto, trining my saturnian Venus (10th, aquarius, opposite Saturn), Mars and Neptune (7th, sag.), r. saturn (4th, leo), squaring my moon conjunct mercury (9th, capricorn).

    In relating I do seem to act out the other persons subconscious repressed self -which makes it easy for me to know them- with rather strange results: a lot of men fall suddenly in love with me (actually it is their lost self) and people easily project their wishes and fears unto me, but don’t really get to know me (without knowing that themselves).

    I made it my profession to diagnose and treat people with their deep lost selves (e.g. trauma, burnout,…) including using the newest brain technology (uranus 6th and venus in aquarius) implementing it as a pioneer (capricorn sun) in the clinical and academical world in my country and even beyond if you count in the relation with in depth psychology.

    I made this happen while transiting Pluto was visiting my sun-moonmidpoint (cap, 8th). Now, transiting pluto is on my progressed descendant. I don’t know what to expect… but with al the Saturnian influence, I could use some more Venusian flair :)

  16. Great article! How would you compare pluto aspects to planets in pluto’s 8th house? Is it the same all-or-nothing quality and need for depth?

    • Hi Carla,

      Thanks for commenting. 8th house has a ritual quality often associated with alternative healing and sexual union. Need for depth, especially in these areas of working with others, could be suggested from planets in 8th house.

  17. Hello

    I have quite a lot of Pluto aspects, Pluto conjunct Sun, P conjunct Saturn, P conjunct Mercury, P opposition Moon, P conjunct Acs. What do you say? Plus a Scorpio rising. I agree with the explanations above, regarding Pluto aspects. Either we face ourselves (which can be beautiful), we know we perceive life and relationships on a very deep level, or we can live with a flegmatic attitude, cold as a stone. But that would lead to lot of pain. Superficiality is just not our thing.

  18. Thank you for your article,

    I have natal Pluto conjunct Saturn, Jupiter and my Sun- but have just spent a year on a very wasteful relationship where to the degree a mans Pluto conjuncts my sun.
    I’ve been nick named queen of chaos by close friends- he is prince of nothing. Not exactly the nice cosy kind of vibe to it eh!?!
    I guess that comes tied into the moon south node conjunction article of yours I read recently!
    (I wanted the Earth the sun the moon and the stars in our favor- but I believe this article translates well for relationships not only natal aspects- there is nothing)
    Well guess its time to ignite my own Pluto and transform this one way disaster into some beautiful peace of mind.
    Thanks again xxx.

  19. Natal Pluto (5th) square Mercury (2nd) near exact orb here.

    I’ve been a self taught student of astrology/metaphysics for over 20 years. Although, I’m quite a skeptic of belief in general. I yearn for a day when all ideologies have been put aside.

    “How do you deal with this need for depth, and an aversion to shallowness in the area touched by Pluto?”
    I do a lot of research on society, history, and psychology. It feels as if I live most of my life internally. I want to express my true feelings with others. But my ideas are so counter to most and my expression can be so strong that I can sometimes hurt others. So I am very cautious.

    Anyway, nice website you have here. It’s so nice to not see all of the BS advertising we get bombarded with on most websites.

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