Relationship Astrology: Sun/Moon Midpoint in Synastry

Sun-Moon PhotoSun/Moon Midpoint in Synastry: Inner Unification through Relationship

Sun/Moon midpoint is a very sensitive point in relationships.  In natal chart analysis, when we have a focal point (i.e. a planet or an Angle) in hard aspect with the Sun/Moon midpoint, the planet or the Angle often becomes the catalyst for our deepest need fulfillment & creative self expression.

In synastry, when another person’s (e.g. spouse, business partner, teacher, client, boss etc) focal point makes a hard aspect with our Sun/Moon midpoint, it has a similar impact on us, almost as if we can use the energy from our partner’s chart to experience the sense of deep unification and effective self expression.

In this sense, the synastry aspects involving the Sun/Moon midpoint becomes important in professional and personal relationships – in both cases, we can express and fulfill our innermost needs through the help of another person more than if we just tried to do so on our own. 

How Do I Find My Sun/Moon Midpoint?

You’ll need to know the exact degree of your Sun and the Moon to arrive at the correct Sun/Moon midpoint (literally, a halfway point between the Sun and the Moon).  It would be useful to know your partner’s Sun/Moon midpoint as well, to see if your focal points make a hard aspect to it.

This post tells you how to obtain a list of your natal midpoints for free.

Sun/Moon Midpoint Synastry Interpretation

Note that the equal sign (‘=’) denotes conjunction, square or opposition.

  • Their Mercury = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: Their attitude, ideas and communication help you to express yourself more fully, and find your own voice.
  • Their Venus = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: Their love, affection and/or friendship help you to love and accept yourself and others better, and be more effective in social settings.
  • Their Mars = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: Their action, motivation and self assertion help you to become more proactive and assertive in general.
  • Their Jupiter = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: Their optimism, generosity and enthusiasm help you to become more positive and optimistic about life.
  • Their Saturn = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: Their wisdom, integrity and discipline may help you become wiser and more mature.  On the other hand, their fears and challenges may lead to frustration as well as personal growth.  Like any Saturn aspect, this one tends to get better with time if you can persevere during rough periods.
  • Their Uranus = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: You may feel stimulated and a little impulsive through this synastry contact.  Uranus person’s individuality may help you realize your own uniqueness & the need for independence from others’ opinions.  On the other hand, their aloofness may make you feel alienated.
  • Their Neptune = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: Their spirituality, creativity and idealism may help you to reconnect with your own dreams, faith and imagination.  On the other hand, their addictive or escapist behaviors may make you feel deceived or abandoned.
  • Their Pluto = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: Their intensity and emotional honesty may help you access a deeper part of yourself, leading to profound healing or transformation.  On the other hand, their desire for power and control may lead to a struggle for dominance in the relationship, with strong undercurrent of unspoken emotions.
  • Their Ascendant = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: Their personal expression and authenticity may help you to be more secure in your own identity and self expression.
  • Their Midheaven = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: Their career and public status may somehow help you to succeed in your own work.
  • Their Nodal Axis (North or South Node) = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint: This could be a very meaningful relationship with a sense of karmic connection.  They may help you to connect with a larger group of people.

UPDATE: What about Their Sun or Moon = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint?

While Sun=Sun/Moon or Moon=Sun/Moon is generally not considered in regular midpoint analysis, in synastry this can be an important contact.  In both cases, another person’s core energy is making a strong contact with your point of relationship fulfillment and self expression.  This synastry contact can suggest a highly fulfilling and supportive relationship, regardless of whether it’s a marriage/love relationship, business partnership, or a teacher/student relationship.

Looking at the Sun/Moon Midpoint Synastry in Your Own Relationships

Were you able to locate yours & your partner’s Sun/Moon midpoint?  Did you notice a significant aspect to the midpoint?  Feel free to share what you found out via comments below!


Reference: In case you missed it, here is the original post on Midpoints in Astrology


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  1. what about their sun?

    • As a rule, the midpoint measurement A=B/C would not make sense if A is equal to B or C, so it’s not interpreted in Solar Arc or transit. In the case of synastry contact, we might be able to make an exception…With that said, I feel that Sun or Moon in strong aspect to another person’s Sun/Moon midpoint could generate quite a good feeling between the two people.

  2. Copperfall says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t include either “Their Sun = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint” or “Their Moon = Your Sun/Moon Midpoint” in your synastry examples. Can you say anything specific about either of them like you did the other planets?

  3. Sorry to bother you again. What about the conjunction of the Sun/Moon Midpoints between 2 people?

    Thank you.

    • I think you’d need a planet or an Angle to activate the midpoint contact (which you do, since your Moon and Venus are involved) What’s interesting here is that both of you will be experiencing a transiting aspect to your Sun/Moon midpoint at the same time. So things could feel very good or very bad depending on the quality of the transit to your Sun/Moon midpoint (an amplified response, like two people playing in unison.)

  4. I am so confused. what does it mean when it says: “parallel aspects between natal planets orb 0°40 / 0°20 (Midpoints)” and it refers to midpoints? for example: mars // moon/jupiter

    this is shown at for keller midpoints section at the very bottom of the midpoint chart.


    • Parallel refers to declination (similar to latitude), whereas all of the midpoint discussion in this article refers to right ascension (similar to longitude.) All planetary positions you see in the horoscope (25 Aries, etc) refers to right ascension. I recommend you keep it simple and not worry about the midpoints calculated off the declination.

  5. My Sun\Moon midpoint is at 18 degree Sag. in conjunction with my vertex and Amor and at descendant of my friend, …in opposition with his jupiter and north node, square his Pluto and uranus in Virgo and also square his Saturn conjunct Chiron and Eros in Pisces ( Juno)…
    His Midpoint Sun \ Moon is also at my descandant at 3 degree Aquarius in conjunction with my Jupiter and his Lilith…and square my Venus conjunct mercurius and his Vertex in shorpio…His Moon conjunction Sun is at my Ascendant 3 degree Leo! His Amor is in taurus…

  6. Hi,

    What does mean that one person’s sun/moon midpoint conjuncts other person’s sun and vice-versa? besides the suns, they have other planets in conjunction to their sun/moon midpoints. One of them is Saturn….is it more powerful Saturn’s energy than the Suns energy? These 2 people loved each other but remained a very short time together.

    Person 1:
    Sun/Moon Midpoint: 02’03 SAG
    Sun: 03’16 AQU
    Moon: 00’51 LIB
    Mercury: 29’38 CAP
    Mars: 16’15 SAG

    Person 2:
    Sun/Moon Midpoint: 00’30 AQU
    Sun: 04’28 SAG
    Moon: 26’33 PIS
    Neptune: 02’52 SAG
    Saturn: 02’54 SAG


    • I recommend that you use a tighter orb for midpoints in general – about 1.5 degrees. No more than 2.00 degrees. If you do that, you’ll get a much clearer picture that Neptune-Saturn in Person 2 is conjoined with the Sun/Moon midpoint of person, which isn’t going to be easy (granted this is a extremely simplified picture…)

  7. I had a ‘sort of” relationship with someone very brief but very intensely. Our synastry comparison was generally brilliant with the notable exception of a pluto square my moon (I am Cancer rising). The thing that I think was really confusing, though, and I have since often wondered if it was relevant and whether it could have been handled differently was that although my moon was square his sun/moon midpoint, his pl;uto was almost exactly conjunct his sun/moon midpoint too. His sexuality was – to say the least – confused. He considered himself a lesbian/bisexual woman in a man’s body (and I’m not sure it was that simple!). He had difficulty with my sexuality since I am a pretty well straight down the line straight woman – although my connection with him was the closest I have ever felt to having lesbian tendencies, and on all levels I found myself reacting to him as both male and female.. Do you think that his very complicated and often confused sexuality has anything to do with pluto being conjunct the sun/moon midpoint, which I understand is meant to be the balance point between your male and female selves? Could you comment on people who have a planet closely conjunct the sun/moon midpoint in the natal horoscope? I also know someone who has Uranus conjunct their sun/moon.

    • Sexuality (including sexual orientation) is best analyzed through looking at 5th and 8th house and their rulers. You’ll probably find interesting things there. Planets in contact with the Sun/Moon midpoint do not represent sexual concerns by themselves.

  8. Hi
    What about this?

    Not only Sun also Moon and Descendant are in conjunction to another person’s Sun/Moon midpoint (Sun and Moon less than one degree).

    And another person’s Sun conjunct person’s Sun/Moon midpoint.

    • I think that could be significant. Both people’s Sun/Moon midpoint will be impacted by the same transit, so it could be clear cut when the relationships will experience major tension.

  9. If someone have Sun/Moon Midpoint conjunct descendent should he or she need relationship in order to be happy.

    I know someone with this but she likes to be alone.

  10. my partner midpoint is exact conjunct my own he is 22.23 sag i am 22.22 sag ! we both conjunct my venus , north node , ceres , juno !!! his juno 10.13 scorp exact conjuncts my sun 10.12 scorp . the great thing about us is we are very best friends we find the mercury square wonderful . our venus and mars are square both ways , we wouldnt have it any other way , we learn and we are better ppl for being together , we have been together 23 yrs :)

  11. christine says:

    Hii Hiroki
    my SU/MO midpoint is 15.30 virgo in my 12 th house, (no aspects to my planets, only an opposition to my vertex at 20 pisces)
    and the man I am interested in has SU/MO midpoint 11.30 virgo in his 10th.

    What does it mean having the same midpoint with him??

    Do these midpoints count as a conjuction?

    We are not in a romantic relationship but it seems to be going there.

  12. christine says:

    Hii Hiroki
    my SU/MO midpoint is 15.30 virgo in my 12 th house, (no aspects to my planets, only an opposition to my vertex at 20 pisces)
    and the man I am interested in has SU/MO midpoint 11.30 virgo in his 10th.

    What does it mean having the same midpoint with him??

    Do these midpoints count as a conjuction?

    We are not in a romantic relationship but it seems to be going there.

    What does it mean having the same midpoint??

    I’m trying to learn about midpoints and read that semisquares, squares etc from one person’s personal planets to the other’s SU?MO midpoint are very important.
    I noticed that my SU/Mo midpoint 15.30 virgo semisquares His Moon at 29.50 gemini.

    Also His SU/MO midpoint 11.40 virgo semisquares my MC at 26.30 gemini

    Are these considered strong affinities?
    Are they of any importance?
    Thank you in advance :)

    • see above response…If you want to go looking for minor aspects you can, but a significant synastry contact is usually much stronger than that, and it does not have to involve the Sun/Moon midpoint.

  13. Great article! I have my Mercury conjunct my partner’s Sun/Moon midpoint. She lacks air in her chart and I have so much air in mine, you can imagine how great this is for her!

    What about Sun/Ascendant midpoint? I have my own Sun conjunct this midpoint in my partner by 0º 20′. Along with my Venus by 3º. Any ideas? It actually forms 2 semi-squares (sun – sun & asc – sun).


    • Sun/Ascendant midpoint represents the potential for “being yourself in relationships,” so any planet of yours that connects to her midpoint there would hopefully encourage her to be fully who she is.

      • Wow that makes a lot of sense. Thanks! And I just discovered that my Sun/Asc midpoint equals my Moon… and my Moon conjuncts her Mars and Venus…. in Leo… in the 5th house…. <3 <3 <3 Crazy!!!

        I love astrology.

        And you for this article!


  14. Very interesting….

    Do you have any idea what Sun/Moon = Juno on a natal chart can mean? I have this and cannot find a definition.

    Many thanks!

  15. My recent ex who I don’t want to let go of at all, regardless of he troubles in our amazing yet difficult relationship, has his Moon exactly conjunct my Neptune (4th house) in Scorpio, which is also exactly conjunct my Sun/Moon Midpoint. No wonder I feel like, even with the other thwarting aspects we have amidst all the positive and incredibly good ones, that I can’t let go and will lose so very much and be flat and blah without him in my life closely. This all makes sense.

  16. (And to highlight some of our difficult aspects, pretty much every other planet for me is in Aquarius, or on the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp, or in Leo… and his Mars and Moon are in Scorpio, therefore squares his Moon and Mars. I have nothing that connects with his Midpoint it seems. So everything about me pretty much feels opposing and difficult for him (or anyone else I’d meet with contact on my Sun/Moon Midpoint?). Too sad. I guess my S/M Midpt therefore squares all my plantes in my own chart. Argh.

  17. Novemberlady says:

    Would you be able to go into a bit more detail about Sun= Sun/Moon Midpoint and Moon= Sun/Moon Midpoint?

    • Sun/Moon midpoint in another person’s horoscope is an important point for his/her inner fulfillment, both in terms of self expression and relationships. Your Sun or Moon illuminating such sensitive point suggests potentials for important connection to be made. The rest really is up to the rest of the horoscopes and how each of you is utilizing it.

  18. Hi Hiroki,
    Great site! I have a Mercury (25)/Uranus (22) conjunction on my Sun/Moon midpoint at 24 Libra. It’s a strong degree for me (I also have Arabic Part of Fascination at 25 Libra.)

    I often seem to attract folks with ASC around 25 Libra. (Including my mother!) I’m guessing from their end it’s b/c it puts a lot of my personal planets in their 1st, 4th, 5th & 7th/8th houses. Sometimes I get the Sun or Moon in late Libra too. Not sure of the rest of the planets. And yes, come to mention it, another boyfriend had his nodal access along those lines.
    Do you know what it means for me personally to have those planets activating?

    Although these days, relationships are so varied and evolved I think there are unlimited ways folks live and connect, I have heard that folks’ SO/MO midpoints will often conjunct, square, oppose or quincunx each other & that does seem to ring true. How it plays out probably has to do with the rest of the chart and other sensitive points.

  19. Mercury in libra connotes a diplomat in communication. :). I’ve been reading your comments and noticed your answers to difficult questions. I’m wondering if there are other important midpoints to consider as well? Eg sun/venus or mars, you’ve mentioned sun/mercury earlier in the blog. Anything regarding the north node?


    • I think those midpoints are OK to consider in synastry, but probably the impact will be weaker – Sun/Moon midpoint is a special case because of it’s heightened importance.

  20. Hello Hiroki,
    I have my midpoint SU/MO in conjunction with his ASC, and also I have mi ASC in conjunction with his SU/MO.
    We are both Leo… I am Scorpio ASC… and he is a Gemini ASC.
    Have had more that 4 years in a constant discovery about ourselves…very tough… very painful… but still feel we can work things out. The feeling of family between us is very strong… but I can’t help being so critic about him.

    Also, I see mi SU/MO midpoint is between his Mars and Asc, both in conjunction.
    Then… my moon and saturn is opposite to his midpoint SU/MO.

    • I am sorry I didn’t make any questions… but I think it is obvious… hahahaha, how do you see these contacts? Also… one more thing… Galactic Center is conjunct to his ASC… is this significant??? Gal. Center (at my birth) is also opposite to my midpoint SU/MO.
      I am always curious about such aspects… even I know about basic astrology… had never considered before Gal Center… nor midpoints as much as today.
      Thank you!!!

    • Sounds like you both have much to contribute to each other’s growth! It’s a good thing..

  21. Thank you for this. with my soulmate, his moon touches my sun/moon midpoint. my moon and my venus touch his sun/moon midpoint. we also have sun conjunct moon, moon conjunction venus, sun conjunct ascendant, mercury conjunct ascendant and venus trine venus. I feel completely blessed, unified and complete in his company :)

  22. What about their sun/moon midpoint exactly opposite your sun/moon midpoint?

    • Hello Summer,

      This could be an important synastry tie, especially if supported by other synastric contacts. The important thing in the case of your Sun/Moon midpoint opposing someone else’s is that both of you will experience major transits to natal Sun/Moon midpoint at the same time, in effect sharing the rhythm of relationship development.

  23. I have my sun contra antiscon my boyfriends s/m midpoint does that count? Thanks

  24. Hello Hiroki,
    how would you interpret someones’s Sun/Moon midpoint falling exactly in between my AC (Virgo) and South Node (on their midpoint so to say, they are 3 degrees apart from each other). His Moon (Virgo) is also in my 1st house.
    Additionally that person’s North Node (that is conjunct his Mars) is exactly conjunct my Vertex, Pallas & my Sun/Mercury midpoint.
    I have very confused “karmic” feelings about him, like I know him from “before” and a notion, that I might have “failed” him in the past and have to help him this time, finding his way. If this is making any sense to you ;-) Thanks.

    • Hello Nadja,

      Someone’s Sun/Moon midpoint falling on your ASC/Node midpoint wouldn’t be as significant without a planet to trigger those midpoints. The karmic connection you feel is probably coming from the rest of your horoscopes’ synastry ties. I plan to write more on synastry soon, but you may enjoy reading the few articles that are already on the archive section.

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